What – S.T.R.E.G.H.E.- Is All About????

I hope you enjoy what you find.

Just a little about what this blog is all about. I’ve been on a journey for many years now…knowing there was more…wanting to find out what it is that I feel I know. The more I study the more I find I know so very little…kind of ironic…reading studying and thinking that you are finally learning only to realize…the more I know the more I find I don’t know.

This blog is a kind of dialog of things I’ve read…been told and studied. It is not about necessarily what I believe but what I have read. ¬†I do know in this life you need to be open to everything you see…experience…take what you need from it and move on. ¬†Everyone is on their own journey…so some things will resonate with some and others it will not.

Now you may think that the name of the blog is a bit strange so I have broken down the letters with words that will be topics and or studies on this blog.


S pirit – (Latin for Breath) often metaphysical, to refer to the conscious or personality, or ghost- in religious arenas Spirit is referring to the Holy Spirit.

T heology – Systematic and rational study of God

R eligion – So many types…which is right for you?

E ternal – No end in time….existing always

G od Created – God and Science are now becoming closer than ever

H eart – Source…love….muscle

E nergy – Its all around…and within Everything

I will be reading and studying all aspects and sharing what I read…in some cases what I in my mind I think it means…

In this world I have seen many people become very agitated over Religion…Spirituality…and Politics…that is not what this blog is about…it is just my journey up until now and my continuing study of these 3 sentences.

Why are we Here?

Who are We?

Where did we come From?

We may even dive into find out….do we really have a life purpose and if so how do you go about finding it?

Many people have self doubt or self loathing…I have been there and in studying…I found in order for you to be whole….you first need to love yourself unconditionally…you are exactly where you are supposed to be and once you realize that and take responsibility for your self talk and your wonderful world around you only then will you be able to begin to live your life to its fullest.

Here are some of my foundation beliefs:

It’s not what you say that matters, it is the energy behind your words that has the true meaning.

It is all a Mindset-With the right Attitude you are able to change your world in an instant.

You are not only what you eat…you are everything that you put into your body…thoughts…fear…love everything.

We are never alone…the universe/God will always send somebody…you just have to be open to see who they are…

The perception you have of yourself is 100X greater than the perception anyone else has of you. What you focus on grows.

All relationships good or bad act as a Mirror for you…They serve as a teacher…reflecting what you need…what you see in yourself…good or bad

You should always surround yourself with others that remind you of who you want to be…or who raises your energy and inspire you.

Your own Peace of Mind is your highest form of wealth that you can have…expand on that.