My Little Take on Theology
First here is the definition according to Wikipedia
  1. the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
    • religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed. (wikipedia)

      This is the study of learning about all forms of religion hopefully without bias or judgement.

    For me I have been on this journey really all of my life and yet I have just began to  touch the surface.  Most people learn about Theology through higher education at school.

    This is really all I know or believe at this juncture of my life….

    It is true there are many ways to do something…no one way is right or wrong it just is and most come out at the end in the same place…so if you connect that to religion…it only seems to ring true that there is no one religion that is right or wrong.

    The problem in my opinion is…most religions pass judgement on religion that is not theres or does not follow all of their beliefs.

    At the CORE from what I have read and studied thus far: the fundamental basics of most are the same.

    Here is what have found…all religions believe in God…now some might call him something else and in all honesty it doesn’t matter what the name is…most all believe that there is a higher source.

    I was brought up as a Southern Babtist…and then I married a raised Catholic…and although neither of us were practicing the beliefs that were bred into us took a bit of time to understand why each of us was like we were…without even understanding why.

    Theology differs inside itself just as much as religious groups really, they bend the Theology to go with the individual religion. For me…this is just a journey for finding out more…about all forms of religion and history of how they formed.

    Here are a few of the studies that are not connected within any one religion if you are looking for the history not the specific area of any one religion.

  2. Anthropology of religion
  3. Comparative religion
  4. History of religions
  5. Philosophy of religion
  6. Psychology of religion
  7. Sociology of religionFor me it isn’t a question of if. It is more a journey of finding out how they all connect and in doing so hopefully finding out more about the connections of them….It is my hope when I find the common denominators…it will be like ok…as different as all religions are…they all agree on these points positive and negative…so I put more stock on those points more than the negative points…and also it has helped me to understand more of what I feel and believe.

For instance, I believe there is so much more out there than what any of us know…the more we look the more there is…the more we see, learn the more we are open to see and feel more.

I have not been a practicing Southern Babtist for most of my life now…but I have become much more spiritual as my life has progressed.

I believe we are all connected and not only that I believe we are connected with everything. We are proven to be made up of Carbon and energy…we know that energy never dies it just changes form…Energy is all around us… good energy as well as bad energy…I just am looking for more of the good energy in my quest.

I don’t believe in any one religion as the one and only any more than I believe that everyone is bad…or good.  We all have our path and if you surround yourself with more good energy than bad…you have a much better chance to spread good energy while you are here on this plain.

I will continue studying and reading to open my beliefs up even further and with you all luck with your

Spirit or Spiritual

The wikipedia describes Spirit as many things such as:

Spirit is an English word (from Latin spiritus meaning “breath”) and it means an idea or a feeling like a 3rd person present.  Non corporeal or magical form a spiritual form.

It also says it is metaphysically and refers to the consciousness or personality. They say a persons spirit and or soul overlap and are said to both are understood as surviving the body in death within the religious realm.

Then there is the spirit or ghost. And these can be good or bad.

In future posts I will put down some words explaining why I abandoned my search for quite a while into the religious portion of Spirit…although I did continue to grow in the Spiritual side on my own.

Let’s get back to Spirit/Spiritual and what it means to me at least.

I do believe that those words really have different meanings to each individual some slight variations and others wide spread.

My studying and searching for this feeling I had wanting to know more lead me to discover many different versions and ideas on the subject.

Within all of it I came out believing that being spiritual for me has nothing to do with anyone religion or separate group.  I believe we are here to experience life to its fullest and every single person is on their own journey…not here is the weird part….saying we are on our own journey is true but I also believe we are connected to everything living…we are all one in the big picture…even though we are all own our own journey.  Now people my find me strange or weird believing this…and that’s ok too.  In my studies I’ve also grown to see you can’t agree or have everyone like you…you have to let that go first and for most.

I’ve read that God created man in his own image and that combined with we are all connected among other studies i have done…I believe that God is within each of us.  You don’t have to go outside of yourself to find God…he is with us as part of our spirit…allowing us to grow and experience and find him through our individual experiences…we have the choice to open and see.   Kind of like a glass…I have always seen the glass as half full not half empty…we can either search for good or for bad…many obstacles will be put in our way…tests if you will…do you find the good somewhere within or does it hurt your spirit and take you off your path.

spirituality to me is the search of finding the energy if you will of what brings my vibration upward…that may not make sense to many talking about sprit energy vibrations…I think they are all one and the same.

Have you ever been around someone that just makes you feel sad or drained? I have always called them energy vampires…but I know with the readings I have found scientific proof along with spiritual I might add…those people don’t vibrate at the same level as you and they are stealing or at least trying to steal your energy. I learned many years ago you need to protect and be aware of your surroundings.  if they don’t make you feel at peace or happy…change your environment and protect yourself.  So many people just seem to be droning along and not using there mind…or think they don’t have a choice…this is what I was dealt this is what I have to live with…That is so sad to see…I read a book several years ago that was such an aha moment for me as to what I all ready knew. The name of it

by Napoleon Hill

Outwitting The Devil

This was one of the keys to my journey I have been on for many years now.  I recommend it to all.

It was written long ago back in I think 1938 and hidden until this century…even if you aren’t an avid reader…you should get this book and read a few pages per day. And see how it fits within todays circumstances…really amazing.

I will have other posts about Spirit and spirituality take them or not…your journey is yours.