Photo Booths Rentals In Phoenix Arizona

20_inch_touch_screen_photo_boothI would love to share something with you that my wife and I thought was so fricken amazing.  Hang on!!!  Before I get into that let me at least tell you…or give you some idea of how all of this came to pass.

We were invited to one of our best friends daughter’s wedding and just like most wedding it went as most wedding go…it was nice and I always enjoy the vows as it just reminds of the vows my wife and I made when we were married many years ago. Now, at the end of the wedding everyone walked out like they always do and we thought they would be waiting out front but they weren’t; in fact, they were gone but there was this buy standing there and said “if you follow me in your cars I’ll take you to the reception”.  It’s was kind or cool yet weird in that we all went to our perspective cars and we followed this gentlemen who was in his car…I was like we were in the funeral procession which was the kind of cool but weird thing.

We pulled up into this beautiful park not sure how they managed securing the park but somehow they did.  Anyway, he pulled into the park and up into this area for our cars to park.  What was kind of cool was how really close to our car was this pathway.  What made it stand out was how the pathway was created out of various flowers.  Not surprisingly my wife, I, and many of our best friends followed the path.

Futuristic photo BoothAt the end of the path was the entire wedding party standing there waiting for us in the normal wedding reception line.  After moving through the line we looked around the all these tables were set up and there was this thing setting over to the side of the stage for the band.  Being a musician it was not something I normally don’t see so it made me wonder…but it was this cube looking thing that actually looked pretty cool…I really just kind of ignored it for the moment and just got involved in the friends and family of the bride and groom as the sun began to set.

Something I forgot to tell you was the way the was all set up the stage for the band was at one end, the table and chairs at the opposite end with the dance floor was made of sand like it was a volley ball pit but no net…and that little cube looking thing off to the side.

The entire evening went amazing well all night long and I kept noticing people going in and out of the that little cube I was talking about so it was really just peeking my interest so I headed over towards it in an attempt to figure out what it was.

rental_party_photo_boothTo my surprise it was a photo booth…actually the name of the company providing it was the Candid Pix Photo Booths.  I was blown away and the person running the photo booth was so unbelievably nice and the more I watched him he was making sure everyone who went in had an amazing time.  They had all these different props people were picking up using in their photos it was all so cool….

I motioned for my wife to come on over and we did our little thing inside the booth and when we were finished we received the photos but what was so cool was we were able to share our photos on Facebook accounts right then and there…that was beyond cool.

This whole idea of renting a photo booth for their reception was such an extraordinarily great idea…the wedding party would go into it and have pictures of the whole group and all the friends and families were doing the same thing…without a doubt it was the neatest or coolest thing I’ve ever seen or been a part of in my life.

Futuristic_photobooth_screenThe concept of having a blast at a normally great reception you could actually document the memories of your great time…I will remember this photos for the rest of our lives and I’m sure they will too.  I normally would not put a plug in for something but I’m telling you this…if you’re thinking about having a wedding, or any other kind of occasion or event I urge you to call the people at Candid Pix Photo Booths and for your convenience I made a link to their website that you can easily look at what they offer   Photo booth rental phoenix 2  …

I talked with the guy that actually owns it…Rick Potter and he was just this really likable guy that loves what he’s doing and brings that love into his company so you have such a fantastic time, create lasting memories and share them for the rest of your life and at the same time share them with the world through social media…these things would be so cool for just about anything I can think of…like corporate parties, retirement parties…but you don’t need me doing some commercial just visit their website and decide for yourself

It was great…check them out…