Law of Manifestation (basics)

Now it time to delve into the philosophy so many of us have been told will work but as it seems to work out we all get stalled out in certain parts of it…but not any longer I going to show you what you already know, yet don’t know you know…and definitely until now didn’t believe it was possible.  No really…I’m not pulling your leg when I tell you this.  No doubt it takes some work on your part…but at the same time I really don’t feel sorry for you, nor do I care if you do the work.  That may sound callous, insensible and maybe just a bit uncaring…trust me it’s not and I will tell you why.  First of all, I would never ask you to do something I haven’t done and I have done this many times, and secondly, I’m about to give you the preverbal “Keys to the Kingdom” and if for whatever reason you don’t want to work on it…I’m not going to feel sorry for you, because if you follow these simple rules you will in fact have everything you have ever wanted…it’s a bold claim…but that’s OK I’m good with bold…and when you add into that the weird, bizarre, strange and different…bold is good.

The very first thing you’re going to do will be lots of fun…just take some time and think about the things you really want and don’t allow your mind to judge, confine or direct you in any way…just allow yourself to feel free and if money or time is not object what do you want.  What I can tell you is whatever you want will be type of person you’ll attract into your life or the type of person you want to become.  Maybe it a place you want to visit or a place you have visited and now you would really like to live there.  Possibly it’s a particular material thing like a car, a house, a boat, or condo…you get the idea.  Don’t forget things like say a state of being, i.e. you would like to change to eating healthy, losing weight, changing you attitude in some way, a different lifestyle, or even working on different personality traits, etc…

Simply make a list of the things you want as we will go over them and begin to weed them out…did I just say we will weed them out…sorry I stand corrected you will sort them out.

Ok so now you have made your list that is a good thing now you are going to take each item and go through them and decide if what your wanting is real…for example let’s use me and I created my list on it I want 10,000 dollars per month, but do I seriously want that or do I want the lifestyle $10,000 dollars per month will provide for me…and the answer to that is I want the lifestyle…not necessarily the money, but what the money will allow me to do and have!  Now go through your list and figure out if what you’re wanting is something you truly want or there is really something else you want that provides you the item on your list.

This at least give you a start….


Thank you,