Biblical and Science (Part 2)

It’s probably better if I get off that preverbal soap box and get down to it…yes.  Let’s take for example in the New Testament I think its Genesis 2:7: where it says…  ‘Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.’  Call me crazy, as many before have, it seems like the one person god created in his image, Adam, there would be at least a bit more important information telling us much more than to only have the one line.  Wouldn’t you…being of sound mind, believe there would or should be more about this amazing creation.  I think it might be very important to learn so much more about his life, as well as the information surrounding Eve’s life…well as it turns out there is.

There were two books written on Adam talking about is life before and during his life with Eve and information about Eve and the things she went through and all the particulars around the how and why Eve was created…how cool would it be to know this information, or at least to have left it in the bible so we could choose to read or not read about Adam and Eve.  There are the conversations Adam and Eve had with God surrounding the powers God had given them over all living things.  The stories of how Adam learned about those powers within him and how he could tap into them same powers and in doing so in today understandings Adam’s and Eve’s powers would be call miracles.   For some reason these religious scholars felt this was something that needed to be deleted from the bible…REALLY…A…WHY?

Have you ever asked or wondered about the missing years of Jesus…you know like from about the age of 10-11 up to about the age of late 20’s or early 30’s.  What happened to him during these times?  This was the time when…in my mind…Jesus would have been learning about and practicing his inner powers.  I’m only basing this upon the fact that nothing really happened during his early childhood to say much about that, and then when we learn of him as a young gentleman he was in full grasps of his inner powers…so when did he figure that out…  From what I’ve read it’s my understanding the power within Jesus is the same power that Adam had within him…and they are the same powers that are currently within each one of us.  Jesus had to have many conversations with (God) another deity and if we have time will talk about later on.  Jesus was taught about and it was explained to him how these powers within him existed and more importantly how they would heal the sick, raise the dead and manifest anything in his life.  What is it that I’ve heard…Oh yeah now I’m not necessarily the best for quoting the bible but I’m also pretty sure there is something about “Ask and you shall receive”, hmmm…kind of makes you think…yes?