Biblical and Science

Ok so let’s start at the beginning for the simple reason there are some very important spiritual topics, not necessarily religious because I’m not by any means a religious person…but I do consider myself to be spiritual.  It’s not so much a topic as it’s more along the lines of suspicious bits of information coming to light into the masses of people.  I’m not about to tell you anything that hasn’t been known to some of the highest religious leaders and for some unknown reason they felt the masses, you and I, didn’t need this information.

In reality…really straight up…that just sucks…why would a rather small group of people be able to make such a decision.  They didn’t want us to know the origin of Adam and Eve, Jesus, and the workings of many of the disciples and it’s why there are lost books of the bible.  I’ve read theories about it that the information contained in most of these lost books would cause us to stop going to the churches for answer and instead go into ourselves…kind of a cool concept but hang on…let’s not get a head of ourselves.  I really do believe if you stay with me you will uncover a very intriguing concept that will benefit you beyond your imagination and along the journey will have what Oprah calls Ah Ha moments…I call them light bulb moments…but either way you get my drift…yeah?

I hope to stimulate questions in your mind because questions are always good.  In this section it will be questions surrounding the bible, more specifically, lost stories or books left out of your bibles…People including myself has called these lost books…but it does bid the question why would books meant for the bible be lost? The next question that would normally follow suit is are they really lost or possibly just kept from us by some religious scholars back in the day?

Well what I’ve discovered in putting this book together is first and foremost the answer to that last question is “No” emphatically they have not and never were really lost apparently misplaced if you will and later found by someone, somewhere just looking for something else, which is what the powers that be so choose to tell us.  What’s interesting is why the religious sect at the time felt the need to remove these books from the bible…and keep in mind we’re not talking about a couple of books.

Oh yeah…fact…in the year 325 the Emperor Constantine made a decision to edit the bible.  In following through with the process there are some 45 books which have either been completely remove from the bible or edited to the extent they no longer brings the original message of the book or writings they were meant to teach.  It’s my understanding this was done because they, the powers that be, didn’t want the masses, us, reading about the power that reside within each and every one of us.  Actually this is a very similar story in some of the self-help books out on the market where they talk about how some of the riches people in the world did much of the same thing, keeping their knowledge of a process that would allow everyone to create the kind of life they desire. Doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s coming from religious leaders or leaders of capitalization…it all boils down to one thing…this information is kept from us because of Ego, and/or lack.  These specialized groups of people didn’t want the masses knowing the keys to success…but I’m about to blow the fricken doors off of both those fricken subjects…oh yeah baby…love being a rebel…