Things Missing From The Bible

Ok this is kind of baffling for me at least and I’ve kind of hit on this before but I find it kind of strange that not just one, but the all the Gospels according to Thomas…all of these books were left out of the bible and these books could be of some real value to us as human beings.  What gets me is why Thomas…as opposed to anyone else.  It would seem they would want to include books that contained many conversation with Jesus told in the words of Thomas.  Each one it its own special way contain some very important information we, as a people, could use.  Think about this…here is something that Thomas was relating in his conversation with Jesus.  It points us in the direction of understanding the power God gave to Adam and Jesus, and to add to that these powers are the very same powers which were in fact given to each and every one of us.  For an example here are but two…

39 Jesus said, “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so. As for you, be as sly as snakes and as simple as doves.”

48 Jesus said, “If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move from here!’ and it will move.”

To me, this sounds like some very good information we, as a civilization, would be very interested in understanding and having in our possession…would it not?  I’ll bring this up again Thomas’s Gospel 48 further explained something about it…pretty sure this just might give you one of those light bulb moment.  Let’s get back to the original thought and/or concept, and it’s quite a remarkable thing to find out you have this amazing power within you…yeah kind of some “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” you have it…right this very moment…you’re just learning through this post you’ve always had it.  You can…in fact…research this and I promise you, you’ll discover these books do exist and they’re people bringing them forward for us to read.  If there is a sad part to this it’s just in the translation because those bringing these words forward are doing it, but not necessarily bringing the language down to a level, which as a whole, we as a civilization, truly understand it…let alone use it…and yet again this rebel is attempting to do just that…bring it down to what I call ‘The Language of the People’, which really just means I’ll give it my best shot at try to bring it down to a level everyone understands…it’s my goal, if you will to bring this down to level more people…people who really need it can understand what I’m saying and they understand the process necessary to tap into them.

It’s kind of like you just bought or were given your first chemistry set but…sorry we forgot the instructions, or someone just gave you a new car but it was before you knew or had any comprehension of what a car is. This subject on the lost books of the bible could, possibly should, and probably would be one I might write another book on in the future.  Step a bit deeper into the abys and relate some of the missing teachings, which in such a way they become practical and usable books to teach us things about ourselves.  There is no doubt in my mind it would change the way we think and more importantly the way we live our life and the world around us.  The truly remarkable part in this is how the world of modern science has asked many questions about this universe we live in and their investigation into the science we are discovering the science is validating what has been written in many of these missing books…so let’s get proof on this subject.   Keep in mind they, the Scientist, are not trying to prove or disprove these lost books they are simply looking for answers to some of the questions they themselves have been asking of the world in which we live.  In this process it directs them towards experiments to answer or justifies the answers to those inner questions.  However, in this process what we are discovering is they are proving many of the things written in these lost books…how weird is that…modern science’s findings correlate to words written thousands of years ago…yet again causes you to think…yes.

Hope you enjoyed this and will look into it in some small degree!

Thank you,

Biblical and Science (Part 2)

It’s probably better if I get off that preverbal soap box and get down to it…yes.  Let’s take for example in the New Testament I think its Genesis 2:7: where it says…  ‘Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.’  Call me crazy, as many before have, it seems like the one person god created in his image, Adam, there would be at least a bit more important information telling us much more than to only have the one line.  Wouldn’t you…being of sound mind, believe there would or should be more about this amazing creation.  I think it might be very important to learn so much more about his life, as well as the information surrounding Eve’s life…well as it turns out there is.

There were two books written on Adam talking about is life before and during his life with Eve and information about Eve and the things she went through and all the particulars around the how and why Eve was created…how cool would it be to know this information, or at least to have left it in the bible so we could choose to read or not read about Adam and Eve.  There are the conversations Adam and Eve had with God surrounding the powers God had given them over all living things.  The stories of how Adam learned about those powers within him and how he could tap into them same powers and in doing so in today understandings Adam’s and Eve’s powers would be call miracles.   For some reason these religious scholars felt this was something that needed to be deleted from the bible…REALLY…A…WHY?

Have you ever asked or wondered about the missing years of Jesus…you know like from about the age of 10-11 up to about the age of late 20’s or early 30’s.  What happened to him during these times?  This was the time when…in my mind…Jesus would have been learning about and practicing his inner powers.  I’m only basing this upon the fact that nothing really happened during his early childhood to say much about that, and then when we learn of him as a young gentleman he was in full grasps of his inner powers…so when did he figure that out…  From what I’ve read it’s my understanding the power within Jesus is the same power that Adam had within him…and they are the same powers that are currently within each one of us.  Jesus had to have many conversations with (God) another deity and if we have time will talk about later on.  Jesus was taught about and it was explained to him how these powers within him existed and more importantly how they would heal the sick, raise the dead and manifest anything in his life.  What is it that I’ve heard…Oh yeah now I’m not necessarily the best for quoting the bible but I’m also pretty sure there is something about “Ask and you shall receive”, hmmm…kind of makes you think…yes?

Biblical and Science

Ok so let’s start at the beginning for the simple reason there are some very important spiritual topics, not necessarily religious because I’m not by any means a religious person…but I do consider myself to be spiritual.  It’s not so much a topic as it’s more along the lines of suspicious bits of information coming to light into the masses of people.  I’m not about to tell you anything that hasn’t been known to some of the highest religious leaders and for some unknown reason they felt the masses, you and I, didn’t need this information.

In reality…really straight up…that just sucks…why would a rather small group of people be able to make such a decision.  They didn’t want us to know the origin of Adam and Eve, Jesus, and the workings of many of the disciples and it’s why there are lost books of the bible.  I’ve read theories about it that the information contained in most of these lost books would cause us to stop going to the churches for answer and instead go into ourselves…kind of a cool concept but hang on…let’s not get a head of ourselves.  I really do believe if you stay with me you will uncover a very intriguing concept that will benefit you beyond your imagination and along the journey will have what Oprah calls Ah Ha moments…I call them light bulb moments…but either way you get my drift…yeah?

I hope to stimulate questions in your mind because questions are always good.  In this section it will be questions surrounding the bible, more specifically, lost stories or books left out of your bibles…People including myself has called these lost books…but it does bid the question why would books meant for the bible be lost? The next question that would normally follow suit is are they really lost or possibly just kept from us by some religious scholars back in the day?

Well what I’ve discovered in putting this book together is first and foremost the answer to that last question is “No” emphatically they have not and never were really lost apparently misplaced if you will and later found by someone, somewhere just looking for something else, which is what the powers that be so choose to tell us.  What’s interesting is why the religious sect at the time felt the need to remove these books from the bible…and keep in mind we’re not talking about a couple of books.

Oh yeah…fact…in the year 325 the Emperor Constantine made a decision to edit the bible.  In following through with the process there are some 45 books which have either been completely remove from the bible or edited to the extent they no longer brings the original message of the book or writings they were meant to teach.  It’s my understanding this was done because they, the powers that be, didn’t want the masses, us, reading about the power that reside within each and every one of us.  Actually this is a very similar story in some of the self-help books out on the market where they talk about how some of the riches people in the world did much of the same thing, keeping their knowledge of a process that would allow everyone to create the kind of life they desire. Doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s coming from religious leaders or leaders of capitalization…it all boils down to one thing…this information is kept from us because of Ego, and/or lack.  These specialized groups of people didn’t want the masses knowing the keys to success…but I’m about to blow the fricken doors off of both those fricken subjects…oh yeah baby…love being a rebel…