Adversity And Creative Vision

Over Coming Adversity is a very important talent, or desired ability most would love to have but it comes with a certain amount of work but if the work is done with a positive attitude towards the common goal the rewards are amazing.

This one rule comes under the concept of transmutation because it really does help to transmute all your past failures or mistakes into assets.  The only way you can convert these failures or mistakes or misgiving into assets is through a positive mental attitude.  Thomas Edison failed so many times but each time he didn’t look at them as failure but success in that what he was trying to create he learned through failures it would not work that way.  So in essence it really is about your particular insight or perspective on any given situation.

 It’s so sad that people often need to be stricken down with failure and defeat before they learn their mind is capable of mastering all their dreams. I have read in so many place that with every adversary brings with it a seed of an equivalent benefit, but here is the sad part…most will never ever see this equivalent benefit because they don’t have within their grasp that positive mental attitude or they are not coming from the perspective that I mentioned before Thomas Edison had.  It’s only through having a positive attitude for success that we open up our mind to explore other avenues and actually see in our minds-eye the solution to our problem or adversary.

Remember nothing is ever called a complete failure until you have accepted the failure within your mind…and then its only a failure within your mind…someone you know knows the answers your searching for.


Napoleon Hill talked about creating or cultivating a creative vision or imagination.  So I will use some of his thoughts to further explain my concept from what I’ve read and practiced.

This one thing is by far probably the most important thing when it comes to building our plans, goals, chief-aims or even our overall purpose in life.  It comes from our ability to tap into our imagination.  Our imagination is the one place that is consider the workshop or our minds.  This is the place where we create those plans for the attainment of some goal and we can then turn it over to our brain and the ideas for it’s accomplishment comes from our soul or our connection with the infinite intelligence.

There are two known kinds of imagination…

  • Synthetic – which is compiled of organizing, and then combining together ideas, concepts and facts we know by arranging them in a new combination
  • Creative – this one operates a bit differently through the 6th sense or through our infinite intelligence as some may say.  It’s based in the subconscious mind and serves as our exclusive connection to ideas and facts we know nothing about but are revealed.

Almost every invention known to man has been brought about through the use of the synthetic imagination.  It is the one most people use by taking  concepts, facts or ideas they know and then rearranging them in such a way to give us new combinations that…work.

However, when an invention or concept is brought forward but it’s completely new…it has never existed before like in the event of the telephone, airplanes or our common cars…those are quite different for they were brought into the imagination through the facility of a creative imagination…

Here are some suggestion hopefully to cause you to think about things differently…would you agree with them….?

  • Do you believe all the great ideas have been used up…?
  • Would you agree that there simply are no more opportunities to become rich…?

Let me ask you this…do you think if you could come up with some idea that gave to all married people how they could adopt the concept of a mastermind principal n their homes to use for themselves and their children you benefit millions of people in the world.

What other ideas do you have about your work place…your home…the things around in your life…want to stimulate your creative imagination think back to when you were a child and you played make believe…make believe about some of the things in your life…start looking at things in a different way…how could you redesign a salt and pepper shaker…?