Evolution Of Our Mind

Evolution of our mind

We are constantly evolving depending upon our relationship to our overall personality.  For example, if you were to compare two people both being of equal intelligence…yeah.

One would come to you from a place of selfishness, greedy, and pitifulness and are driven primarily by their self-centered EGO, while they could be incredibly successful.  The second one comes to you from a place of compassion, humility, love and respect and their personality is in alignment with their soul, and at the same time they could also be very successful.

Therefore, even though we have two people who are equally intelligent and are quite successful on is considered by most to be more evolved than the other, with respect to their overall being. Now let’s be perfectly clear on this; one is not better than the other nor worst.  We are all equally good and bad and to be more evolved than another.  Simply put…it is what it is…for the one less evolved has not yet been exposed to many of the things the other has been exposed to.  One choses to live from their Ego while another choses to live from their soul.

The interesting thing about this deals with the EGO for the EGO brings with it so many different negative emotions.  All of those emotions can be broken down into two basic emotions; the first being fear, the other being lack.

For example, anger or procrastination can fall under the one of fear, while jealously or greed are more visible from being in a state of lack…  Yet again interestingly enough is when you feel a negative emotion you’ll undoubtedly feel a tightness developing within your body.  It’s like this tightness or comfortability we feel in our chest, solar plexus, or in our throat…and there could easily be a combination of any of these at the same time…added to this is a shortness of breath, but that is somewhat normal if you’re feeling some kind of restriction within your throat or chest.

However, when you’re coming from your soul or your heart there is an entirely different sensation.  When you’re experiencing compassion, humility, forgiveness, or more specifically these can be associated to feelings of love your body does the opposite…it opens up and you breathe deeper and feel extremely happy, and grateful.

I know this may sound like a lot of B.S. but how about I describe an event you can try on your own and see how you feel.  The next time you’re going to be flying out of town or into town try this.  I want you to drive yourself to the airport and really experience the sensations and all the emotions the surge through your body as you drive yourself to the airport…the fricken crazy drivers…the lights…and everything associated with that…really feel that anger at a driver, or the frustration in how they are making you late, and your mind runs away with the issues you’re going to face in going through the security…really feel that anxiety your feeling…is your chest feeling tight…are you taking shorter breaths…

Note: You really want this experience have someone with you that will drive your car back home and just have them watch you and then write down what they see…

I did this very thing which is why I’m suggesting it to you…I drove to the airport and it was stressful to say the least…there were drivers out for a fricken Sunday drive and when I say drivers I mean packs of them…it was like they all got together just to screw with me…which in turn made me later and I worried about getting through the security…granted I didn’t have any issue but the anxiety associated with it was way more than I expected.

Now on the return trip we used our phones and set up one of the “Best Limo” companies to pick us up at the airport and take us upon our 45 minute drive home.  WOW! That was so much more relaxing all the way home.  I was able to carry on a decent conversation with my wife as we laughed and joked about our trip.  The 45 minutes flew by in no time and it’s really hard to explain how relaxed I felt.  My wife made the comment we need to start taking limos to and from the airport and she added in a few more places because of how loving and attentive I was during and after our trip home.

Hey…don’t take my word for it…try it out yourself.  Next time you’re flying into your city or out of call a limo service and have them do the driving for you.  If you ever visit the Phoenix area let me know and I can hook you up with the same service I used as they were amazingly professional and polite.

Keep in mind I can hook you up…didn’t say I would pay for it…you need to pay for your own pleasure…I just have the connection with the one that was amazing for us…