Photo Booths Rentals In Phoenix Arizona

20_inch_touch_screen_photo_boothI would love to share something with you that my wife and I thought was so fricken amazing.  Hang on!!!  Before I get into that let me at least tell you…or give you some idea of how all of this came to pass.

We were invited to one of our best friends daughter’s wedding and just like most wedding it went as most wedding go…it was nice and I always enjoy the vows as it just reminds of the vows my wife and I made when we were married many years ago. Now, at the end of the wedding everyone walked out like they always do and we thought they would be waiting out front but they weren’t; in fact, they were gone but there was this buy standing there and said “if you follow me in your cars I’ll take you to the reception”.  It’s was kind or cool yet weird in that we all went to our perspective cars and we followed this gentlemen who was in his car…I was like we were in the funeral procession which was the kind of cool but weird thing.

We pulled up into this beautiful park not sure how they managed securing the park but somehow they did.  Anyway, he pulled into the park and up into this area for our cars to park.  What was kind of cool was how really close to our car was this pathway.  What made it stand out was how the pathway was created out of various flowers.  Not surprisingly my wife, I, and many of our best friends followed the path.

Futuristic photo BoothAt the end of the path was the entire wedding party standing there waiting for us in the normal wedding reception line.  After moving through the line we looked around the all these tables were set up and there was this thing setting over to the side of the stage for the band.  Being a musician it was not something I normally don’t see so it made me wonder…but it was this cube looking thing that actually looked pretty cool…I really just kind of ignored it for the moment and just got involved in the friends and family of the bride and groom as the sun began to set.

Something I forgot to tell you was the way the was all set up the stage for the band was at one end, the table and chairs at the opposite end with the dance floor was made of sand like it was a volley ball pit but no net…and that little cube looking thing off to the side.

The entire evening went amazing well all night long and I kept noticing people going in and out of the that little cube I was talking about so it was really just peeking my interest so I headed over towards it in an attempt to figure out what it was.

rental_party_photo_boothTo my surprise it was a photo booth…actually the name of the company providing it was the Candid Pix Photo Booths.  I was blown away and the person running the photo booth was so unbelievably nice and the more I watched him he was making sure everyone who went in had an amazing time.  They had all these different props people were picking up using in their photos it was all so cool….

I motioned for my wife to come on over and we did our little thing inside the booth and when we were finished we received the photos but what was so cool was we were able to share our photos on Facebook accounts right then and there…that was beyond cool.

This whole idea of renting a photo booth for their reception was such an extraordinarily great idea…the wedding party would go into it and have pictures of the whole group and all the friends and families were doing the same thing…without a doubt it was the neatest or coolest thing I’ve ever seen or been a part of in my life.

Futuristic_photobooth_screenThe concept of having a blast at a normally great reception you could actually document the memories of your great time…I will remember this photos for the rest of our lives and I’m sure they will too.  I normally would not put a plug in for something but I’m telling you this…if you’re thinking about having a wedding, or any other kind of occasion or event I urge you to call the people at Candid Pix Photo Booths and for your convenience I made a link to their website that you can easily look at what they offer   Photo booth rental phoenix 2  …

I talked with the guy that actually owns it…Rick Potter and he was just this really likable guy that loves what he’s doing and brings that love into his company so you have such a fantastic time, create lasting memories and share them for the rest of your life and at the same time share them with the world through social media…these things would be so cool for just about anything I can think of…like corporate parties, retirement parties…but you don’t need me doing some commercial just visit their website and decide for yourself

It was great…check them out…


Psychology of Success -Unlocking the Mind (Part Two)

There are some very simple lines within the fantastic book “Think and Grow Rich” which truly explain the simple keys to success, which every single person who has been or is successful has followed these keys. We are going to take the concept just a bit further than the exact phase, and we would suggest if you have never read this book or read this book and don’t remember this…please go back and re-read it.

What you can see, and truly believe within your mind, you can achieve. The hardest part in this simple equation is not in the seeing, nor is it in the achieving part…the hardest part and the place where everyone gets stumped or fail with the achieving part is because within their mind they simply can’t believe.

For example, you want to be a great golfer, but you can’t believe you can do it…you won’t…you want to be a fantastic swimmer, but you can’t see yourself actually doing it…you won’t and naturally following suit is if you can’t believe you will be a success…you won’t. No matter how much money you spend on anything it’s not going to help until you can believe it…and when we say believe it we truly mean believe it.

The very first thing you will do is dream…and dream big, but dream and bring emotions into your dream so you can truly feel your dream…what colors are there…what is the temperature around you…who is with you…make it real within your mind…and make your dream as real in your mind as you possibly can.

Once you have the dream plainly and securely within your mind the next very important step is to begin acting as though you have your dream. Have you heard the saying “Think as if and walk as though”.  This simple means you need to think as if you have accomplished your goal and then walk as if you’ve already achieved that goal.  When you wake in the morning it’s time to live your dream so step in front of the mirror see your dream, and then you brush your teeth, wash your face, pick out what clothes you wear when you are the person within your dream. Continue this throughout your day walking, talking, and standing the way you would if you were already living your dream. This is truly a must…and without it you will fail…do you understand that…fail.

Think about it…if you, like us, have ever failed at something…what cause it? Granted you may think it was because you didn’t have enough money…or people wouldn’t listen to you, or your car wasn’t good enough, most people can tell you the reasons they all decided NOT to become free, and they can list all the excuses of WHY NOT. Still those same people still cannot give you, if their life depended upon it, and most of the time it does, their rendition of “I CAN BECAUSE” a simple philosophical anecdotes that governs and forecast their success, which is nothing short of B.S…  If you truly think about it you would agree. The real reason is they quit to soon…they didn’t believe their dream…they allow other people to rule their life and ultimately their dream…

DUH…time to wake up. How bad do you want to achieve the kind of success most only dream about…but just can’t seem to believe you can?  We can only hope and pray we have been able to give some insight into how any business become successful by learning the psychology of success…or the code.

We just gave you within this article the one key…not three or four…ONE key to success…did you see it…did you hear it…or no…  Either way it’s fine…you either did or didn’t. However, if you did…if you got it…drop us a note….if none of this makes sense…then that’s also fantastic you have a wonderful day and let us know how things are working out for you…but remember change your mind, or the way you think about things and you will change your self-image, change your self-image and your life will change, change your life and your income with change…drastically. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will keep getting what you’re getting…but if you do that and expect change…well we all know that is the definition of insanity.


Hope you enjoyed that…



Psychology of Success -Unlocking the Mind (Part One)

How many business people would love to learn the psychology of success…or the code behind it? Thousands, if not millions right…we thought you would agree…but let’s examine this for just a minute.

There is no doubt you could read millions books on personal power, and then go sleep at Tony Robbins house. Or you could go to a new “How to Make Money” seminar every two weeks and even get yourself a personal life-coach, but without a successful psychology that’s inviting wealth to you and a philosophy that supports the idea you are even allowed to be wealthy, not much will change. Something you need to understand and “GET” is “What you fail to get and who you fail to become is only because of who you decided not to be”.

At the end of the day people live to prove what their self-image dictates back to them what they are allowed to have, or allowed to be or allowed to receive. So that being said if you change your life philosophy you change what you believe. What happens next is your body…yes your body, will be forced to move you to what your inner mind now believes.

Let’s take the thousands of people on the Internet today that have spent thousands of dollars trying to get the right website, or find this or that widget that is going to make their site better than the guy down the street. They have the fancy animation working on their site, and they understand all of the “How-To’s” about marketing and web design…but yet they are still broke…why?

See if you can answer if “action” and “how-to” give people freedom or allows the person to transformed themselves into a $15,000 dollars of monthly income, then what happened to the 4 million who took the same action, and bought every new program on the face of this earth still remain broke…how….how indeed.

Why do you think more people are not earning $25,000 per month? We know it’s not because they are not ambitious or that they are not hard working…because so many are. They invest into all the fancy new programs, they have the great ad copy and send out fantastic letters…we can only come to the decision it can’t be necessarily the action and how to…but what can it be you ask… you need to learn the psychology of success…the code so to speak…but what is it.

Well something you need to understand is the world is set up to condition your mind each and every day so you can’t do what you have no clue how to do and this explains why more people aren’t achieving the kind of success they are destined to receive. They are taught…no perhaps a better word might be brainwashed into accepting and thereby storing within their minds what they don’t know they can’t do…do you get this…we mean really understand this statement?

So many people listen to their Mom and Dad, Sisters or Brothers, or just friends and families, and please don’t take this the wrong way, they are telling you whatever they are telling you to save you, because in their minds they love you and want to protect you from the pain…and that’s noble.  It can suck and still be noble, because what we are saying to you is unless the people you are listening to have reached the pinnacle of success you want to achieve in whatever your endeavor may be…why are you listening to them…why are you allowing these well-meaning people to pollute your mind with things you can’t do?

Just because you don’t know how to do something it should not stop you from doing things. If that was true we would never have some of the most fantastic inventions we have today…do you think the Wright Brothers knew how to build a plane…no…  Did Einstein know about the law or relativity…no…?  Did Alexander Bell know about how to make a phone…no…?  So where would we be if no one thought to do things they didn’t know how to do.


Check out part Two…next week…


Thank you,

Law of Manifestation (basics)

Now it time to delve into the philosophy so many of us have been told will work but as it seems to work out we all get stalled out in certain parts of it…but not any longer I going to show you what you already know, yet don’t know you know…and definitely until now didn’t believe it was possible.  No really…I’m not pulling your leg when I tell you this.  No doubt it takes some work on your part…but at the same time I really don’t feel sorry for you, nor do I care if you do the work.  That may sound callous, insensible and maybe just a bit uncaring…trust me it’s not and I will tell you why.  First of all, I would never ask you to do something I haven’t done and I have done this many times, and secondly, I’m about to give you the preverbal “Keys to the Kingdom” and if for whatever reason you don’t want to work on it…I’m not going to feel sorry for you, because if you follow these simple rules you will in fact have everything you have ever wanted…it’s a bold claim…but that’s OK I’m good with bold…and when you add into that the weird, bizarre, strange and different…bold is good.

The very first thing you’re going to do will be lots of fun…just take some time and think about the things you really want and don’t allow your mind to judge, confine or direct you in any way…just allow yourself to feel free and if money or time is not object what do you want.  What I can tell you is whatever you want will be type of person you’ll attract into your life or the type of person you want to become.  Maybe it a place you want to visit or a place you have visited and now you would really like to live there.  Possibly it’s a particular material thing like a car, a house, a boat, or condo…you get the idea.  Don’t forget things like say a state of being, i.e. you would like to change to eating healthy, losing weight, changing you attitude in some way, a different lifestyle, or even working on different personality traits, etc…

Simply make a list of the things you want as we will go over them and begin to weed them out…did I just say we will weed them out…sorry I stand corrected you will sort them out.

Ok so now you have made your list that is a good thing now you are going to take each item and go through them and decide if what your wanting is real…for example let’s use me and I created my list on it I want 10,000 dollars per month, but do I seriously want that or do I want the lifestyle $10,000 dollars per month will provide for me…and the answer to that is I want the lifestyle…not necessarily the money, but what the money will allow me to do and have!  Now go through your list and figure out if what you’re wanting is something you truly want or there is really something else you want that provides you the item on your list.

This at least give you a start….


Thank you,

Things Missing From The Bible

Ok this is kind of baffling for me at least and I’ve kind of hit on this before but I find it kind of strange that not just one, but the all the Gospels according to Thomas…all of these books were left out of the bible and these books could be of some real value to us as human beings.  What gets me is why Thomas…as opposed to anyone else.  It would seem they would want to include books that contained many conversation with Jesus told in the words of Thomas.  Each one it its own special way contain some very important information we, as a people, could use.  Think about this…here is something that Thomas was relating in his conversation with Jesus.  It points us in the direction of understanding the power God gave to Adam and Jesus, and to add to that these powers are the very same powers which were in fact given to each and every one of us.  For an example here are but two…

39 Jesus said, “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so. As for you, be as sly as snakes and as simple as doves.”

48 Jesus said, “If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move from here!’ and it will move.”

To me, this sounds like some very good information we, as a civilization, would be very interested in understanding and having in our possession…would it not?  I’ll bring this up again Thomas’s Gospel 48 further explained something about it…pretty sure this just might give you one of those light bulb moment.  Let’s get back to the original thought and/or concept, and it’s quite a remarkable thing to find out you have this amazing power within you…yeah kind of some “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” you have it…right this very moment…you’re just learning through this post you’ve always had it.  You can…in fact…research this and I promise you, you’ll discover these books do exist and they’re people bringing them forward for us to read.  If there is a sad part to this it’s just in the translation because those bringing these words forward are doing it, but not necessarily bringing the language down to a level, which as a whole, we as a civilization, truly understand it…let alone use it…and yet again this rebel is attempting to do just that…bring it down to what I call ‘The Language of the People’, which really just means I’ll give it my best shot at try to bring it down to a level everyone understands…it’s my goal, if you will to bring this down to level more people…people who really need it can understand what I’m saying and they understand the process necessary to tap into them.

It’s kind of like you just bought or were given your first chemistry set but…sorry we forgot the instructions, or someone just gave you a new car but it was before you knew or had any comprehension of what a car is. This subject on the lost books of the bible could, possibly should, and probably would be one I might write another book on in the future.  Step a bit deeper into the abys and relate some of the missing teachings, which in such a way they become practical and usable books to teach us things about ourselves.  There is no doubt in my mind it would change the way we think and more importantly the way we live our life and the world around us.  The truly remarkable part in this is how the world of modern science has asked many questions about this universe we live in and their investigation into the science we are discovering the science is validating what has been written in many of these missing books…so let’s get proof on this subject.   Keep in mind they, the Scientist, are not trying to prove or disprove these lost books they are simply looking for answers to some of the questions they themselves have been asking of the world in which we live.  In this process it directs them towards experiments to answer or justifies the answers to those inner questions.  However, in this process what we are discovering is they are proving many of the things written in these lost books…how weird is that…modern science’s findings correlate to words written thousands of years ago…yet again causes you to think…yes.

Hope you enjoyed this and will look into it in some small degree!

Thank you,

Biblical and Science (Part 2)

It’s probably better if I get off that preverbal soap box and get down to it…yes.  Let’s take for example in the New Testament I think its Genesis 2:7: where it says…  ‘Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.’  Call me crazy, as many before have, it seems like the one person god created in his image, Adam, there would be at least a bit more important information telling us much more than to only have the one line.  Wouldn’t you…being of sound mind, believe there would or should be more about this amazing creation.  I think it might be very important to learn so much more about his life, as well as the information surrounding Eve’s life…well as it turns out there is.

There were two books written on Adam talking about is life before and during his life with Eve and information about Eve and the things she went through and all the particulars around the how and why Eve was created…how cool would it be to know this information, or at least to have left it in the bible so we could choose to read or not read about Adam and Eve.  There are the conversations Adam and Eve had with God surrounding the powers God had given them over all living things.  The stories of how Adam learned about those powers within him and how he could tap into them same powers and in doing so in today understandings Adam’s and Eve’s powers would be call miracles.   For some reason these religious scholars felt this was something that needed to be deleted from the bible…REALLY…A…WHY?

Have you ever asked or wondered about the missing years of Jesus…you know like from about the age of 10-11 up to about the age of late 20’s or early 30’s.  What happened to him during these times?  This was the time when…in my mind…Jesus would have been learning about and practicing his inner powers.  I’m only basing this upon the fact that nothing really happened during his early childhood to say much about that, and then when we learn of him as a young gentleman he was in full grasps of his inner powers…so when did he figure that out…  From what I’ve read it’s my understanding the power within Jesus is the same power that Adam had within him…and they are the same powers that are currently within each one of us.  Jesus had to have many conversations with (God) another deity and if we have time will talk about later on.  Jesus was taught about and it was explained to him how these powers within him existed and more importantly how they would heal the sick, raise the dead and manifest anything in his life.  What is it that I’ve heard…Oh yeah now I’m not necessarily the best for quoting the bible but I’m also pretty sure there is something about “Ask and you shall receive”, hmmm…kind of makes you think…yes?

Biblical and Science

Ok so let’s start at the beginning for the simple reason there are some very important spiritual topics, not necessarily religious because I’m not by any means a religious person…but I do consider myself to be spiritual.  It’s not so much a topic as it’s more along the lines of suspicious bits of information coming to light into the masses of people.  I’m not about to tell you anything that hasn’t been known to some of the highest religious leaders and for some unknown reason they felt the masses, you and I, didn’t need this information.

In reality…really straight up…that just sucks…why would a rather small group of people be able to make such a decision.  They didn’t want us to know the origin of Adam and Eve, Jesus, and the workings of many of the disciples and it’s why there are lost books of the bible.  I’ve read theories about it that the information contained in most of these lost books would cause us to stop going to the churches for answer and instead go into ourselves…kind of a cool concept but hang on…let’s not get a head of ourselves.  I really do believe if you stay with me you will uncover a very intriguing concept that will benefit you beyond your imagination and along the journey will have what Oprah calls Ah Ha moments…I call them light bulb moments…but either way you get my drift…yeah?

I hope to stimulate questions in your mind because questions are always good.  In this section it will be questions surrounding the bible, more specifically, lost stories or books left out of your bibles…People including myself has called these lost books…but it does bid the question why would books meant for the bible be lost? The next question that would normally follow suit is are they really lost or possibly just kept from us by some religious scholars back in the day?

Well what I’ve discovered in putting this book together is first and foremost the answer to that last question is “No” emphatically they have not and never were really lost apparently misplaced if you will and later found by someone, somewhere just looking for something else, which is what the powers that be so choose to tell us.  What’s interesting is why the religious sect at the time felt the need to remove these books from the bible…and keep in mind we’re not talking about a couple of books.

Oh yeah…fact…in the year 325 the Emperor Constantine made a decision to edit the bible.  In following through with the process there are some 45 books which have either been completely remove from the bible or edited to the extent they no longer brings the original message of the book or writings they were meant to teach.  It’s my understanding this was done because they, the powers that be, didn’t want the masses, us, reading about the power that reside within each and every one of us.  Actually this is a very similar story in some of the self-help books out on the market where they talk about how some of the riches people in the world did much of the same thing, keeping their knowledge of a process that would allow everyone to create the kind of life they desire. Doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s coming from religious leaders or leaders of capitalization…it all boils down to one thing…this information is kept from us because of Ego, and/or lack.  These specialized groups of people didn’t want the masses knowing the keys to success…but I’m about to blow the fricken doors off of both those fricken subjects…oh yeah baby…love being a rebel…

Adversity And Creative Vision

Over Coming Adversity is a very important talent, or desired ability most would love to have but it comes with a certain amount of work but if the work is done with a positive attitude towards the common goal the rewards are amazing.

This one rule comes under the concept of transmutation because it really does help to transmute all your past failures or mistakes into assets.  The only way you can convert these failures or mistakes or misgiving into assets is through a positive mental attitude.  Thomas Edison failed so many times but each time he didn’t look at them as failure but success in that what he was trying to create he learned through failures it would not work that way.  So in essence it really is about your particular insight or perspective on any given situation.

 It’s so sad that people often need to be stricken down with failure and defeat before they learn their mind is capable of mastering all their dreams. I have read in so many place that with every adversary brings with it a seed of an equivalent benefit, but here is the sad part…most will never ever see this equivalent benefit because they don’t have within their grasp that positive mental attitude or they are not coming from the perspective that I mentioned before Thomas Edison had.  It’s only through having a positive attitude for success that we open up our mind to explore other avenues and actually see in our minds-eye the solution to our problem or adversary.

Remember nothing is ever called a complete failure until you have accepted the failure within your mind…and then its only a failure within your mind…someone you know knows the answers your searching for.


Napoleon Hill talked about creating or cultivating a creative vision or imagination.  So I will use some of his thoughts to further explain my concept from what I’ve read and practiced.

This one thing is by far probably the most important thing when it comes to building our plans, goals, chief-aims or even our overall purpose in life.  It comes from our ability to tap into our imagination.  Our imagination is the one place that is consider the workshop or our minds.  This is the place where we create those plans for the attainment of some goal and we can then turn it over to our brain and the ideas for it’s accomplishment comes from our soul or our connection with the infinite intelligence.

There are two known kinds of imagination…

  • Synthetic – which is compiled of organizing, and then combining together ideas, concepts and facts we know by arranging them in a new combination
  • Creative – this one operates a bit differently through the 6th sense or through our infinite intelligence as some may say.  It’s based in the subconscious mind and serves as our exclusive connection to ideas and facts we know nothing about but are revealed.

Almost every invention known to man has been brought about through the use of the synthetic imagination.  It is the one most people use by taking  concepts, facts or ideas they know and then rearranging them in such a way to give us new combinations that…work.

However, when an invention or concept is brought forward but it’s completely new…it has never existed before like in the event of the telephone, airplanes or our common cars…those are quite different for they were brought into the imagination through the facility of a creative imagination…

Here are some suggestion hopefully to cause you to think about things differently…would you agree with them….?

  • Do you believe all the great ideas have been used up…?
  • Would you agree that there simply are no more opportunities to become rich…?

Let me ask you this…do you think if you could come up with some idea that gave to all married people how they could adopt the concept of a mastermind principal n their homes to use for themselves and their children you benefit millions of people in the world.

What other ideas do you have about your work place…your home…the things around in your life…want to stimulate your creative imagination think back to when you were a child and you played make believe…make believe about some of the things in your life…start looking at things in a different way…how could you redesign a salt and pepper shaker…?

Personal Initiative

This is the dynamo that turns imagination into action and transforms one’s goals or definite purpose into its physical or financial reality.  There are two kinds of men who never amount to much; one, those who cannot do as they are told, and two, those who can do nothing else.  It’s a well known fact that those who are successful when evaluated it’s discovered they move under their own personal initiative and never from a place where they are being told what to do, when to do it or more importantly how to get it done.

You see personal initiative is not about you physically doing what needs to be done, or knowing exactly how it needs to be done, or even knowing how to get it done.  You see it’s really about knowing your own personal strengths and weaknesses.  When finding a weakness they tend to find someone somewhere maybe a friend, a family member or just someone they were talking with who has that weakness as their strength and then, they talk with them about the ins and outs of what is going on with their particular weakness and through communication they employ their help to get what it was they needed done….done.

The following are some useful tips you can begin to employ to help you get yourself in alignment with find your personal initiative…

  • A person who has personal initiative is someone who set goals and as the motivation to attain those goals.
  • They have a master mind alliance to assist them in achieving those goals to their attainment.
  • Has the necessary persistence and will to win to carry them along with times are stressful.
  • Makes decision promptly when all the facts have been presented to them and changes them slowly if at all.
  • Follows the habit of doing more than they are paid for…going that extra mile and does this in a pleasing positive mental attitude.
  • They accept full responsibility for everything they undertake and do not pass the buck when things go wrong.
  • They can take friendly criticism without resentment because they have learned to profit by it.
  • They know the 9 basic motives are which inspire all human endeavors and does not ask for anyone to do anything for them without giving them an adequate motive for doing whatever was asked of them.
  • Never give an opinion on anything unless they been able to think the subject through completely and thoroughly, and is able to state how they came to their opinion.
  • They follow the habit of listen much and talking only when they have something to say that may benefit him or others.
  • They have a well develops sense of observation of small details and knows his job from the smallest detail to the largest.
  • They never tells anyone to do anything without first having done it before and second telling them why it needs to be done and the best way in which to do it.
  • Has the habit of concentrating their full attention on one thing at a time.
  • Their mental attitude is positive at all times.
  • If you asked them a direct question they will give you a direct answer even if they have to tell you they do not know the right answer.
  • Never procrastinates…always doing what needs to be done whenever it needs to be done through the following….
  1. Master mind
  2. Definite purpose
  3. Go the extra mile
  4. Applied faith
  5. Pleasing personality
  6. Self-discipline
  7. Positive mental attitude
  8. Enthusiasm

Following these tips will help you beyond your imagination because they are tips the successful people use on a daily basis…hope this helps you to get your personal initiative on the right track.

Evolution Of Our Mind

Evolution of our mind

We are constantly evolving depending upon our relationship to our overall personality.  For example, if you were to compare two people both being of equal intelligence…yeah.

One would come to you from a place of selfishness, greedy, and pitifulness and are driven primarily by their self-centered EGO, while they could be incredibly successful.  The second one comes to you from a place of compassion, humility, love and respect and their personality is in alignment with their soul, and at the same time they could also be very successful.

Therefore, even though we have two people who are equally intelligent and are quite successful on is considered by most to be more evolved than the other, with respect to their overall being. Now let’s be perfectly clear on this; one is not better than the other nor worst.  We are all equally good and bad and to be more evolved than another.  Simply put…it is what it is…for the one less evolved has not yet been exposed to many of the things the other has been exposed to.  One choses to live from their Ego while another choses to live from their soul.

The interesting thing about this deals with the EGO for the EGO brings with it so many different negative emotions.  All of those emotions can be broken down into two basic emotions; the first being fear, the other being lack.

For example, anger or procrastination can fall under the one of fear, while jealously or greed are more visible from being in a state of lack…  Yet again interestingly enough is when you feel a negative emotion you’ll undoubtedly feel a tightness developing within your body.  It’s like this tightness or comfortability we feel in our chest, solar plexus, or in our throat…and there could easily be a combination of any of these at the same time…added to this is a shortness of breath, but that is somewhat normal if you’re feeling some kind of restriction within your throat or chest.

However, when you’re coming from your soul or your heart there is an entirely different sensation.  When you’re experiencing compassion, humility, forgiveness, or more specifically these can be associated to feelings of love your body does the opposite…it opens up and you breathe deeper and feel extremely happy, and grateful.

I know this may sound like a lot of B.S. but how about I describe an event you can try on your own and see how you feel.  The next time you’re going to be flying out of town or into town try this.  I want you to drive yourself to the airport and really experience the sensations and all the emotions the surge through your body as you drive yourself to the airport…the fricken crazy drivers…the lights…and everything associated with that…really feel that anger at a driver, or the frustration in how they are making you late, and your mind runs away with the issues you’re going to face in going through the security…really feel that anxiety your feeling…is your chest feeling tight…are you taking shorter breaths…

Note: You really want this experience have someone with you that will drive your car back home and just have them watch you and then write down what they see…

I did this very thing which is why I’m suggesting it to you…I drove to the airport and it was stressful to say the least…there were drivers out for a fricken Sunday drive and when I say drivers I mean packs of them…it was like they all got together just to screw with me…which in turn made me later and I worried about getting through the security…granted I didn’t have any issue but the anxiety associated with it was way more than I expected.

Now on the return trip we used our phones and set up one of the “Best Limo” companies to pick us up at the airport and take us upon our 45 minute drive home.  WOW! That was so much more relaxing all the way home.  I was able to carry on a decent conversation with my wife as we laughed and joked about our trip.  The 45 minutes flew by in no time and it’s really hard to explain how relaxed I felt.  My wife made the comment we need to start taking limos to and from the airport and she added in a few more places because of how loving and attentive I was during and after our trip home.

Hey…don’t take my word for it…try it out yourself.  Next time you’re flying into your city or out of call a limo service and have them do the driving for you.  If you ever visit the Phoenix area let me know and I can hook you up with the same service I used as they were amazingly professional and polite.

Keep in mind I can hook you up…didn’t say I would pay for it…you need to pay for your own pleasure…I just have the connection with the one that was amazing for us…